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ettv - ExtraTorrent TV Shows


[Duration]: 58mn 38s
[Resolution]: 720 x 404 pixels

[Frame rate]: 23.976 fps

#ettv -> To avoid fakes, ALWAYS check that the torrent was added by ettv


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draongi9 2 years ago


W1n4dd1ct 2 years ago

Stick around and seed awhile....

OkamiCRO 2 years ago

finally .mp4 from you ettv, please continue upload GoT in .mp4 couse .mkv sucks hard, ty so much.

alfzone 2 years ago

YES!!! no more .MKV!!!!

bear05151 2 years ago

thanks ettv , like always working & great quality

bear05151 2 years ago

thank you ettv

SuperCaffs 2 years ago

Hi ettv!

Thanks so much for these.

Just to let you know this is not coming up in the search results when I looked for it. Had to click on your ettv link, then locate from your many wonderful torrents. Will put this URL on the last episode for other people for now.

Thanks again!

CDNBEAR 2 years ago

Guys and gals, watch out for these HBO series and downloading them. They're being tracked, and you'll be receiving emails and phone calls, from your ISP, about stopping the downloads or your service will be cancelled.

This is true for HBO series', including "Game of Thrones" and "True Detective" of which I've been hassled over. If anyone knows a way to get around this harassment, please share it with us. Thank you.

shezmu 2 years ago

PeerBlock or VPN.

aprils3 2 years ago

As far as emails from providers goes get the block list and install it and worry no more

KaRhoT 2 years ago

I know a way around the hasslement.... while I get 'Database error' every time I try to post the link.... so this is a test to see if it works without a link in it....

KaRhoT 2 years ago

It is called D Duck Tapes, it is on google drive and this forum wont let me post the link.

z1pl0cc 2 years ago

i got one too last night. it listed several torrents i have downloaded. but only about 5 out of thousands. I think its what everyone else is saying and its HBO specific torrents. This is definitely the one that triggered it. It had sopranos on the list but i downloaded that like 7 months ago. The day i downloaded this torrent i got an email that same night. So im not sure if theyve been watching?

loofemmaps 2 years ago

As usual the idiots win. We could have had better quality video for smaller file size using MKV but people were to fucktarded to work out how to play MKV files and we are now left with peasant mp4 format. Fucking morons everywhere.

dafox2016 2 years ago

Great quality ,,thanks man

z1pl0cc 2 years ago

loofemmaps why you ungrateful little shit. free just isnt good enough for you is it? jesus christ. who gives a shit that these guys broke the law and used their time and effort to give a little bratty pissant like you a free tv show but they have to give it to you in the format YOU want. Why dont you rip the next episode yourself and upload it however the fuck you want instead of complaining like a bitch

SumeklamKidd 2 years ago

It's true. Bit Torrent is reporting downloading activities directly to IP providers. The IP provider will turn off your Internet. You have to go through security personnel to get it turned back on. You'll have to say "I don't know what happened, my wireless was probably hacked, etc." Whatever. After they go through their scare tactics they will ask you to access the Internet. DO NOT use the device your were downloading with, or you will be busted. Use your phone, or another computer. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Since this most unpleasant incident, I have been using a VPN for 40 bucks a year. A deal.

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