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After saving Xandar from Ronan's wrath, the Guardians are now recognized as heroes. Now the team must help their leader Star Lord (Chris Pratt) uncover the truth behind his true heritage. Along the way, old foes turn to allies and betrayal is blooming. And the Guardians find that they are up against a devastating new menace who is out to rule the galaxy.

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3896198/

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) download

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) download

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) download

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snperera 1 year ago

So, I watched the first one and thought it was good but than I saw this and I was blown away. The effects and the worlds and planets they have in this movie is amazing. I love the heart in this story and that's it's not a typical superhero movie. I love the chemistry between all of the actors and it is such a funny and fun movie. Baby Groot is so cute! This is such a feel good movie!

Pjtaylor-96-138044 1 year ago

One of its biggest assets is its refreshing separation from the wider cinematic universe, free from the shackles of forced intertextuality, which allows it to be a self-contained sequel experience that succeeds in maintaining the spirit of the first even if it never reaches its quality. The final act is a little too big and over-the-top, some of the action focuses too much on CGI and the feature lacks a driving antagonistic force for much of the run-time but it is still a very fun and entertaining adventure that always keeps a keen focus on its characters. Its surprisingly emotionally resonant, too. A great follow-up. 8/10

masonissuperman 1 year ago

Guardians of The Galaxy has so much potential, being a Marvel movie based in space. This new installment, although a good movie, still leaves a lot to be desired.The story is something that's been done before and the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise doesn't really bring much new to the table in that department. Same with the villain he might even be blander than the villain in the first Guardians. Though something it does do better in Vol. 1 is character development. Every member of the guardians are genuinely interesting and doesn't come off nearly as one dimensional as they did in the first one. This franchise has struck gold with it's soundtrack again. The special effects are up to Marvel's standards and the camera work doesn't do much special.Everything in this movie was good (other than the drawn out death scene plus funeral at the end) so give it a watch.

FreakKhaled 1 year ago

Thanks, I am groot

Help 1 year ago

Hindi language???

slashhh 1 year ago

very good quality (Y)

eyedemon 1 year ago


balzur 1 year ago

1010 Great quality. Thank you!

wfischer78 1 year ago

Great movie, really enjoyed it

tweaker99 11 months ago

sweet thank you!!!!

Neobuck 10 months ago

Thank you!

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Reno Rangan 1 year ago

The first film was the most unexpected. That was one of the most colourfull space films I have ever seen. Youthful, energetic, fantastic visuals and so the same followed in this sequel as well. Not the same good, but stood to the expectation of the first film's success. This story does not have a great adventure in the galaxy. A simple quest, but a thrilling action-adventure. Now this accidental space gang is set to meet the creator.It's time for Peter to meet his father, Ego. As he still upset with his mother's death, his encounter with his father was not as expectedly smooth. On the other side of the story, Rocket, Yandu, Baby Groot make their escape from the captivity. They all end up on the Ego's planet where the rest of the film going to take place. Being the guardians of the galaxy, their fight against the whoever threaten the safety of the universe once again tested with their strength as a team.James Gunn did it again. And I'm confident that he's going to do the same for next as well. All the actors were fantastic like the previous film. This time, little fun with little Groot. Anybody who loved the first would love it too. Being a franchise from Marvel universe, it is yet to join the 'Avengers'. So far so good. I'm now expecting one of the best of best trilogies. Bring it on the volume 3.8/10

drgrozozo 1 year ago

OMG, what a terrible sequel to one of the best movies of the decade...Shallow, unfunny, clich├ęd, predictable and often pathetic, in many places poorly acted and directed, with overabundance of cheesy fake-looking rainbow effects.It's like writers read all viewer comments to Vol.1 then added whatever people liked 100 times over into Vol.2. So the lovely 80s music vignette now becomes massive bore shoveled into every scene, complex Yondu-Peter relationship gets butchered into cheesy pathos, Yondu's character gets reduced to repeating Vol.1 whistling scene over and over, Rocket goes boring with highlights being Vol.1 repeats, Gamora/Nebula relation - again repeats, Groot no development at all beyond Vol.1 ending cute cgi.The only character that actually gets improved is Drax, his lines are written and get delivered in the best manner of the first movie, unfortunately that can't keep this wreck afloat.

BiiivAL 1 year ago

Today I dedicated to the Guardians of the Galaxy. I remembered the contents of the first film and got acquainted with the second part, which placed a great emphasis on the drama of characters and family values. With this text, I will try to orient you to watching this movie, because despite the fact that the film, though done by the templates of the first part, even stylistically and graphically turns out to be the ideological continuer of the first film. James Gunn stayed at the role of the project to revive the popularity of forgotten heroes, which by two thousand and fourteen already no one remembered. The second series promised to be bigger in many ways, but could it? Let's understand!Guardians of the galaxy angered the sovereignty of the Sovereign, their heads are hunted by space pirates, the ship is broken, and the team nearly cried to death. But there is no evil without good: The Star Lord met a long-lost father named Ego and learned the story of his origin. Because of which the Guardians again have to save this galaxy ... Synopsis is good, catching and logically coming out of the first film. The main question disturbing many: the second part was better or worse than the original. And here already from which side to look."Guardians 2" are made at the same high level as the first part. They are as spectacular and funny and, perhaps, even more ambitious and touching. There is everything that should be in the film about the Guardians: a lot of humor, space battles, dizzying action scenes and music from the seventies. And, of course, Stan Lee's cameo and Howard's ducks.But what's in the continuation there, so this is at least something fundamentally new, at least some serious differences from the original. "Guardians 2" is not a sequel like "Terminator 2" or "Aliens", raising the series to a new level, but just another portion of adventure in a familiar style. It can be compared with the next episode of the series, which is no better and no worse than the previous one. And he loses only because he is not the first. Still, the first "Guardians of the galaxy" was a terrific surprise. Nobody knew what to expect from the film about little-known heroes from the comic books Marvel. Nobody expected that a talking raccoon and not quite speaking tree would become symbols of 2014. And what to expect from the second "Sentinels", everyone knew, and this is what they give: "Pirates of the Caribbean Space." Parallels between the two Disney franchises and the truth is a lot. Space pirates behave exactly like the team of the "Black Pearl", and the Raccoon raccoon with its antics makes us remember Jack Sparrow. Well, Peter Quill reminds Will Turner, who finally found his lost father. And absolutely not how I expected.James Gunn did not deceive, saying that the main theme in the film would be the theme of the family. She touched not only Peter, but also each of the Guardians. Gamora finds out the relationship with her sister Nebula and serves as a caring "mommy" for dunces-muzhiks. The rocket (do not call it raccoon!) Actually becomes a father for Little Grunt. Even Drax the Destroyer, which in the first film seemed almost superfluous, was revealed due to the fact that he found himself a pair. He flirts in a friendly way with the fragile empathic Mantis, and their joint scenes have come out touchingly awkward and comical.Characters and parallel lines in the sequel became more. To the cast was added Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallone (and David Hasselhoff flashed into the cameo). The composition of the Guardians themselves grows, and they will look more than the Avengers. It is felt that it is harder for Gann to come up with memorable remarks for everyone and from time to time he gives slack. This is especially noticeable in jokes: sometimes they roll down to humor below the belt, and not an adult, as in "Deadpool", but some school. When a raccoon threatens to throw a fecal to a friend, when the great Kurt Russell has to joke about his huge penis, it does not cause laughter, but awkwardness. Such moments can spoil the impression from the first half of the film. t is better where the director succeeds in the scenes, where humor is born from the action itself. As an example, any scene dedicated to Little Gruda is suitable. He does not say much, but everything he does, whether it's trying to get friends out of captivity, dancing during a battle or careless handling of a bomb, turns out touching and hilarious. If the slogan of the first part was "Especially the raccoon", then the second would come up with the slogan "Especially Little Grut".In "Guardians 2" there is already no magic spark of novelty, which caused such enthusiasm in the first part. But this is a competent and qualitative continuation. The scale has grown, the characters are better exposed, and jokes and memorable scenes would be enough for a few more films.Verdicting: The movie turned out to be excellent, it has a smart picture, intelligent thoughts (the dialogue between Drax and Mantis about love of freaks and beautiful ones was remembered) and moments of non-stop dynamics with colorful explosions and blasters, in the best traditions of the new "Star Trek". Of the merits: Yonda, Drax and Little Groot are well exposed, they really experience for them throughout the whole film, enchanting spectacle and jokes above the belt that have a place to be. From not very successful: jokes below the belt, ill-conceived villain and lack of novelty, but about the last point you forget completely, because you are immersed in the cinema with your head, because it tightens. I advise you to watch two films at once - the picture is more complete. All good and pleasant viewing!

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