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A young Russian intelligence officer is assigned to seduce a first-tour CIA agent who handles the CIA's most sensitive penetration of Russian intelligence. The two young officers collide in a charged atmosphere of trade-craft, deception, and inevitably forbidden passion that threatens not just their lives but the lives of others as well.

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2873282/

Red Sparrow (2018) download

Red Sparrow (2018) download

Red Sparrow (2018) download

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kevlovski 5 months ago

Based upon the book of the same name by ex-CIA agent Jason Matthews, Red Sparrow is a modern-day spy thriller by director Francis Lawrence (Hunger Games: Catching Fire, I Am Legend) that harks back to the days of the cold war thrillers of the 70s/80s but fails to update it appropriately, coming across as a piece of vitriolic propaganda and little else. Jennifer Lawrence (Winter's Bone) and the rest of the top-notch cast try their damndest to give it some credibility but the story and premise make for a predictably silly and gratuitous affair on many levels.Dominika Egorova (Lawrence) is the top female dancer at the Bolshoi ballet theatre in Russia, who succumbs to a terrible injury that ruins her career. As the Bolshoi theatre seeks to wash its hands clean of 'damaged goods', giving her job and home to a rival, Dominika and her sick mother's welfare are put in jeopardy. Seeing an opportunity, Dominika's spymaster uncle makes her an offer she can't refuse, in return for the safeguard of her mother's health, leading her into the world of espionage and the Sparrow program, where seduction and the art of the honey-trap are the key weapons.By the time you get through a quarter of the mind-numbingly long, 139 minutes, the viewer is left in no doubt of Red Sparrow's predictable outcome. This inevitable plotline is laboured along by the director's attempts to mask it with half-assed twists and turns that just don't feel plausible when putting it in the life or death, professional espionage scenario that the story is supposed to portray. Joel Edgerton (The Gift) is as reliable as ever playing the CIA agent that she ends up in a game of cat and mouse with but the relationship does not feel natural, especially with how the script moves their love-tinged story along. The dialogue is cliche-ridden, telegraphic and Jennifer Lawrence, although competent enough, acting wise, lets her slightly dodgy accent drop every so often, making for some unintentional moments of humour. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy this is not.The main trio of 'evil' Russians has the very talented Matthias Schoenaerts (The Drop) - looking very Putinesque! - playing the devious spymaster uncle to a believable degree, Jeremy Irons hamming it up as a ruthless general and Charlotte Rampling in an absolutely ludicrously over-the-top role as the sinister Matron of the Sparrow program. The whole Sparrow training scene is like something out of Armand Ianucci's fantastic, The Death Of Stalin, minus the satire, as it serves to show the viewer how Russia is trying to take over the planet and that Russians are inherent bigots, deviants, rapists and sociopaths. These scenes are probably the most significant pile of gratuitous excrement that I've had grace my eyes and ears for quite some time.The overall theme of this nonsense is to remind us not to forget that Russians in general are twisted, violent and manipulative control freaks, while all the men are partial to being woman-beaters and rather rapey, apparently. And of course, the CIA are all good ole boys who occasionally mess up, but are out to free the world from tyranny and have everyone's best interests at heart. I kid you not. No exaggeration.I'm not sure how much screenwriter Justin Haythe (The Lone Ranger) carved up the story of the book but this is trashy beyond belief. One thing that is for sure is that director Francis Lawrence clearly knows that the biggest asset they have in this is Jennifer Lawrence's body, as the amount of disrobing or scantily clad scenes, along with blatant arse shots that she's subjected to, is off the charts. And when that is the most impressive aspect of your film, then you should know that there's a problem. Red Sparrow is what I can only be described as twaddle - brutal, nasty, occasionally boring but always gratuitous twaddle.

stasapfob 5 months ago

Well as someone who actually read the book and just saw the movie, and having seen how incongruous many of the ratings are here on IMDb, I felt obliged to pass on a few notes. Frankly, I'm flabbergasted at the large number of low ratings - some weirdo rated it low as there was not ENOUGH nudity (clearly he must have wound up in the wrong theatre!), on the other end of the spectrum are the puritan nut-jobs who will denigrate an entire film because their hyper-active sensibilities are offended! Perhaps reading and understanding warning labels on movies would be useful to avoid future surprises - did the terms "brutal violence, sexual violence, disturbing content, and nudity" not give you a clue?I'm always really impressed how screenplay writers take an excellent and very complex book such as Red Sparrow and, out of necessity, condense the story/eliminate sub-plots and still come off with a movie adaptation that captures the basic premise of the book (and is shorter than 6hrs long!). I'm not sure why they substituted locations from the book (Helsinki and Rome/Athens) for Budapest and London (budget/logistics/tax incentives?), but it doesn't impact the story. I'm impressed with how the movie deftly wove key elements of the book into a shorter narrative, and yet still preserved the key story line and character arcs of the novel (for example the book has Californian Senator selling secrets to the SVR, while the movie puts this as the Chief of Staff to the US Ambassador to Hungary - enabling there to still be a mole hunt inside both the US and Russian governments). In one of the opening scenes, I was ready to criticize the film for lack-luster research - Nate is receiving a coded message which comprises a letter "F" phonetically relayed as "Frank" vice "Foxtrot" (you don't have to be in the Air Force or Type A - I am admittedly both) to know that NATO, ICAO, International Aviation, and Western militaries/police services around the world use "Foxtrot." It kind of reminded me of those cheesy 80's cop shows that insist on using "Baker" vice "Bravo." However, after this one albeit extremely minor error, I found myself immersed in a totally believable and realistic world of post-Cold War espionage.One reviewer said there was not a word of actual Russian spoken in the movie - again proving that some people are just not paying attention - I recall of at least one line when Dominika's boss speaks to her in Russian in the London hotel room. The number of reviewers that criticized the "fake" Russian accents to me must be Russians more upset about how the movie portrays Russia and Russian SVR ethics/tactics in a negative light. Considering the pedigree of the book's author, I'm inclined to believe in the realism and authenticity of the storyline. At least the actors made an effort to speak English with a Russian accent to lend authenticity to the story (and boy have we come a long way from Sean Connery's Scottish "Russian" accent in "Hunt For Red October" - and I'm an massive Connery fan!).Folks, without any spoilers here, this is a harsh and graphic movie, but intended to tell a story based on how espionage, intelligence and counter-intelligence work in the real world. The violence, torture and nudity in this film is not gratuitous at all, but essential to the authenticity and realism of the story. If people want mindless, "no thinking required," family-friendly fluff, they should stick to Marvel, Disney or Pixar movies. I think Jennifer Lawrence does a brilliant job in this film; she has made another bold movie choice to broaden her character portfolio (personally, I wasn't a huge fan of "Mother" - but that is more me, not being a fan of that genre). The movie ending has a surprise plot-twist that deviates from the book - a forgivable Hollywood nuance to show justice/closure, and end on a slightly more positive note. Like the book, the movie sets us up perfectly for a legitimate sequel - I, for one, hope this is something being contemplated!

harrison-40452 5 months ago

I see some people give this a 1 star for not enough nudity or violence for an 18+! There is torture, violence and sex throughout. Then some of you give it 1 star for being too violent, which I could understand if you are a little bit squeamish but what would you expect from a film that states it's going to be violent, have nudity and be 18+? If you know a film is going to be violent, and yet you don't enjoy watching it in movies, go watch something else. Yes it is about women using their "assets" to gain the trust of men, but no it is not sexist. Jennifer Lawrence gets royally screwed up in this and yet she comes out on top, and shows her Uncle who's top dog. All in all the film does what it set out to, keeps you guessing throughout and makes you root for Lawrence's character. It's not going to go down as the greatest film ever made but you know what you're getting into. Ignore the low ratings because they are absolute nonsense. Decent movie. 7/10

kosmasp 5 months ago

Or exchanging them for that matter, if that is another thing you may like to say for a movie that is really brutal. Too brutal for some, I have to admit it is borderline on occasion, especially when you have an issue seeing women being abused (and that is actually something the movie riffs on of course - and again, remember this is fiction).Still the torture (no pun intended) some may feel is necessary at points. Did it have to be as graphic as it is at times? That's a tough one to answer. Just bare in mind, what the movie tries to achieve and that it does not tip toe around the depiction of violence. If you can handle that, the movie has a story to back that up and make it worth your while (unless you also don't like all the Russia bashing - try to blend that one out, someone has to be the bad guy, don't read anything into it)

guyacdm 5 months ago

Fake Russian accent (and not even one sentence in Russian!), the worst acting and the most embarrassing sex scene I have ever seen on screen. I still can't believe Jeremy Irons (one of the best living actors) was willing to participate in this. I hope he got well paid.. I usually like Jenifer Laurence - That's the reason I went to see "Red Sparrow" last night - but this..? For God sake, She has the same look on her face for 2 long hours and 15 minutes! The look of "let's get it over with already"...

MindPeriod 5 months ago

It's always a good sign to go watch a movie when the movie has received polarising reviews: it gives you a chance to decide for yourself.I loved this movie. I loved it mostly because I couldn't figure out the suspense till the end. I was hooked by the plot and the screenplay. Plus the final twist was, how best to put it, sexy.Some people and critics are bickering over things such as Lawrence's accent, the way she is trained, the sexuality, feminism, and so on. To me, these things seem trivial when I compare them to the rest of the movie. I haven't watched The Hunger Games series by the Lawrence-Lawrence duo (director-actor), nor do I intend to, but this movie in my opinion is very well worthy of its genre. Watch the movie if you are not able to decide on your movie for the night (or day).

julesmarcil 5 months ago

It is not the greatest spy movie of all time but it is way better then the 1 most people gave to it. I actually liked it pretty good. I liked the end of the movie.

socrates99 5 months ago

Though I'm a fan of Ms Lawrence and wouldn't fault her performance all that much, this film's attempt to portray Russia as the home of overly cruel spymasters doesn't ring very true to me. It smells of over-the-top propaganda hoping to cast Russia as some soulless country without moral compass. If the US were given this treatment, we would all see through the overwrought bias. But as Russia is in the news, we tend to tolerate this kind of hyperbole.At the start I really couldn't picture Ms Lawrence as a Russian for some reason. But she does a fairly good job of bringing her role to life, despite a lame accent. Quickly, however, I started to wish I had read the book first. There's a buildup and then a middle act that the director pretty much bungles. The problem is Red Sparrow's psyche is not well delineated during a crucial time in the story. All the plot elements are there but they're deliberately not gathered together. Why, I have no idea, as the story might have been much more compelling if played out under better direction. But then that might have been how the book does it.Anyway, I was sorry to have missed Bruce Willis' new movie by the time it was over. It was also opening this weekend. Red Sparrow didn't work for me on several levels but I doubt Ms Lawrence's career takes much of a hit.

kz917-1 5 months ago

Wow. Great film. Intriguing until the very end.Adult themes, so 18 and up would be best.Allegedly part of a trilogy. I look forward to more movies exploring some of the same characters.

BiiivAL 5 months ago

Whatever Hollywood was shooting about the post-Soviet space, it still produces a frenzy in the fur hat.Oscar-winning Jennifer Lawrence, enlisting the patronage of Francis Lawrence (the namesake and, in combination, the creator of the "Hunger Games"), went the hard way atomic Charlize Theron - blondes on the secret service.In contrast to the prototype, "Red Sparrow" is based on the literary source - the novel of the same name of 2013 by Jason Matthews. A brief description of the people who read it is "50 shades of kingsman", ie deviant sex performed by agents of special services in execution. In principle, in this literature there is nothing seditious, if you take it simply as a trash banter.So. Somewhere our days. Ballet. The Bolshoi Theatre). In it - a well-fed prima ballerina (Lawrence). Her uncle is an agent (not secret, everyone knows this). Cold. The gray. Vodka. Angular faces. Thick Brezhnev eyebrows. Russia.One day, Primus Lawrence breaks his leg and finishes with a ballet (a curious spectator is surprised how she has not broken with such wide flops before). Uncle arranges a niece in a secret school of special agents. There, the Gestapo-style of Matron (the character's name), which by forcible viewing of pornography and through public sex scenes, makes "sparrows" from recruits that extract information using their attractive appearance and honed oral caresses.Traditionally, the bloody ke-ge-ba confronts their hatched ts-re-y. The agents of the latter fetch the enemy a mile away and put them in their bed with one stack of bristles. And then the traditional fun begins "find the mole".In short, the court handed down a typical secret service and special agent detective, abundantly flavored with erotic scenes. Attentive to detail, the viewer can calculate "mole" by the middle of the film already. After that you can relax and view the tape through the prism of a light comedy genre.The director did not dare to quote the novel verbatim, but the opaque half-notes very intelligently convey his spirit. "Red Sparrow", entangled in the cloaks of the Cold War cliché, is filled with vivid stereotyped ideas about the post-Soviet countries. But its most important disadvantage is in deliberate seriousness. Took part in the adaptation of the semi-pornographic trash, Francis Lawrence did not find the courage to "ease" his work and add to it a fraction, say, "Johnny English." Instead, all two hours the stone faces of Jennifer's companions in one breath are sipping traditional soup from tovarish, babushka, balalaika, matushka rossija.Like the "Hunger Games" with "Mother", the story of "sparrow" revolves around the main character and allegedly demonstrates the girl's path from the ballerina to the special agent, through hard work on herself in the name of a high goal - mother's help. But it seems that Jennifer Lawrence is exhausted on the "Mother" site and has not yet gained her best form. Her character, with one face for all occasions, acts without an emotional tear and does not cause any sympathy. In this film, she is a face from the window, that her forms attract the passing spectator. But the feel of its shape is false, and it itself is made of plastic. Well-made mannequin.In a word, "Red Sparrow" is a typical Hollywood cranberry about post-USSR. Recommended for viewing all nostalgic for the "Red Heat" and Schwarzenegger "Hooligans!".Exclusively with the purpose of banter.

diverse-84728 5 months ago

The movie does have its plot holes, does get lost in some cliches and is a little predictible at times. But in no sense is this as bad as some users complain. The acting is solid, the atmosphere is almost on point. A good J Lawrence performance IMO. The movie IS worth seeing and IS worth paying for, especially if you like the genre. Also, no respect for the 1 star dudes out there. Bye

saffrontea 5 months ago

Let's start with the few positives.I'm giving this a 3 because it clearly has a big budget and there is production quality here. There are beautiful vistas and costumes, and you can see some time and effort has been spent on the production, in particular the design. It is not a 'poor quality' film in a production sense. I think there is also the potential for a genuinely good film here. Where it falls down is ...... everywhere else.I was honestly dismayed by this film in almost every way. The script is really poor with very basic, boring dialogue and the terrible dialogue is further exacerbated by very poor direction and editing. The film is all over the place, it is very messy, the way scenes are cut just seems all wrong. It actually feels like a rough first draft rather a final cut. I think much more time needed to be spent on the screenplay and then in the editing suite to clean this film up. Because, as is, it results in a very poor experience for the viewer.The acting performances are also very poor. JLaw makes an effort physically but she shows no emotion in her face. I'm not sure if that is just her mediocre level of acting ability? But the result is sub par. As for the rest of the actors, they make minimal effort. They are all walking through their lines with no depth or any feeling. This results in no tension, no chemistry, and no interest from the viewers. I was extremely bored and disappointed throughout this film, to the point of falling asleep. Towards the end, I considered walking out and I understand why others have walked out. This film is just not compelling at all.Then there is the very poorly handled gratuitous nudity, sexual violence, and violence in general. I am by no means a prude and I love action films and fight sequences - when they are done well. But the sex and violence in this film was just plain awful. It was gory and shocking, and amateurish - as if it was being written and filmed by a sick teenage boy. There was also absolutely no need for it. I think the director was delusional enough to imagine it served as a "motivation" for Dominika but as a woman let me tell you there was nothing motivating about those ridiculously bad rape and torture scenes. Finally, it is clearly an Anti-Russian propaganda piece. The fact that the book was written by an ex CIA agent tells you all need to know. The story is basically a dull, juvenile, patriotic fantasy. In this film, Russians are all evil, sick and twisted while Americans are angelic heroes. It is very insulting to sit through such a tacky and transparent effort. In fact, at one point when the film was once again cutting awkwardly from an incredibly long and boring scene to a jarring gory scene, I wondered if the audience was being force fed horrible images and brainwashed in some kind of MKULTRA mind control experiment. That's honestly how bad it is and how bad this movie makes you feel, in general.I can't really recommend this film to anyone. It is not enjoyable at all, in fact, is is quite disturbing. I left wanting to forget it and I don't plan to ever sit through it again.

shae-stevenson 5 months ago

Honesty I enjoyed the movie. Yea some of the torture scenes got muted but all in all if I'm surprised at the ending, in my books that's a good movie. Side note: for all the haters on the acting and dialogue... that is how Hollywood writer have been writing Russians, Germans (insert evil heritage here etc.), they have always written the bad guys as strait face, cold, whack a guy with a cane while he's getting a side piece in the sauna, killer types. GET OVER IT PEOPLE!

samantacoraci 5 months ago

I'm not sure what some people expect, but this is definitely not a movie for the faint hearted. It's not a Disney movie or anything that resembles The Hunger Games which has a higher rating. But I've seen much more violent movies than this one (try watching 120 day of Sodome, I dare you).

aligha-14373 5 months ago

Action, death, murder, sex and Russkies.Where else do you get to see Jennifer Lawrence go spread eagle? Even her leaked nude photos on the internet didn't have that!I wish there were more films like this, but for now buckle up and enjoy this cool film.

ctokuling 5 months ago

Honestly I don't see why the reviews are so bad. The acting as well as the cinematography, the story and the tention built, where very good. It's a common story with very surprising plots wich makes it really original. It kept me entertaint and tense from the beginning till the end. Also the way the movie was filmed was very beautiful and artistic. This could definatly be an arthouse spy movie. As I said I thought this was one of the greater movies I've ever seen. I think you could compare it to shutter island.

anitacharran 5 months ago

This movie is based on a novel. It can be tough to translate the body of a novel into a movie. 50 Shades series is an example. The book is a spy thriller. The natural human body aspect of the trade goes back to James Bond. I remember those action films, also dealt with spies falling in love with one other. It was interesting for the same reason I find most espionage films interesting. The film version of From Russia With Love depicted the Soviet Union back in the 1970s as a cold and harsh intelligence agency that would easily murder one of its own if necessary. This compelling film visits the secretive KGB spy school that creates bait to blackmail the capitalist enemy in the name of the state. However, you would think the ascendancy of former KGB spook Putin to presidency would have retired that style of cold warfare. Look at Trump. Clearly not.Red Sparrow takes place in recent past. The Russian spies want our heroine played by Jennifer Lawrence to be merely a puppet and be manipulated by those who want personal gain at her expense. they want more like the rampant sex trade that exists in Russia and other nations than a super spy. They fail because she is strong. I figured the extra running time (2 hours and 21 minutes) had mostly to do with including more of what was in the novel. I think the depiction of the sex school is what will make the audiences on this film. It feels powerful, sexy, curious and intriguing, like a blast of realpolitik.Meanwhile we also follow what is to be the American hero in our story, Joel Edgerton, a CIA agent who may or may not have the machismo to lure a valuable female spy. They are to meet in Hungary, something that the CIA recognises as an attempt to get secret info from Edgerton. There is a moment at this point in the movie where several sub-plots appear. Lawrence's roommate in Budapest is another Russian spook and has a secret plan as another sex spy. The fat Russian diplomat-cum-pervert ringleader in Budapest has his own agenda. The different members of Russia intelligence have their own agenda. The story weaves between these subplots as Lawrence blows up expectations in order to preserve her life. One question that the audience may wonder about is how come when Lawrence's loyalty is questioned, her mother isn't used by the State for leverage. The answer: she already is. She is being blackmailed all along. Another is how the pieces of a puzzle that consist of the final plot twist are in for a dramatic and sexy twist.I found myself excited to go into extra innings due to the extra plot twists. Lawrence does well not telegraphing her real intentions. The movie also is put together well, making good use of the locations in Hungary. There are also a couple of good shocks in the film, which means this is no ta Disney film with its millions of universe offshoots.Watch it for heart pounding thrilling action. Watch it for the natural beauty of a woman. Watch it to see how evil the American spooks and the Russian slaves to the state are.

hdb-13097 5 months ago

Sexy film. Action film. I want to see ,more similar action from other movies. I also want to see Jennifer Lawrence flaunt her gorgeous naturalness in more movies. Everything in this film is perfect. Even my wife said she is hawt.

Scott-344 5 months ago

Spy movies in a le Carré vein can be judged on how well they handle issues of deceit and personal loyalty. "Red Sparrow" does a solid job of creating a plot that's complex, making us wonder who's deceiving whom, without being so jumbled it doesn't make sense. Solid performances, directing, and -- this I admire -- clear and impactful editing of fight scenes earn this a solid recommendation from me, an aficionado of spy movies. 4 stars out 5, 8 out of 10 for IMDB.The film is violent and sexy in the way "Marathon Man" was in the '70s, and while there's no villain here as memorable as Laurence Olivier's Nazi dentist Zel, there are some nice supporting characters. Performances are first rate. Accents didn't bother me one bit. This is an American film geared toward English-speaking audiences. It doesn't need to have dialogue in Russian, as one clueless reviewer suggested. (I think there was one line in Russian at the beginning) Gimmicks like the one used at the beginning of "The Hunt for Red October" -- Connery et al speaking Russian until the moment the camera pushes into Connery's mouth and then pulls back and the rest of the movie is in English -- are fine, but not necessary. We've been there and done that. It's good to just get going with the story with dialogue we can understand.I love non-realistic Bond movies for their action, humor, and production value, and I also love gritty spy films like "The Spy Who Came in from the Cold" and "Three Days of the Condor" (even though Condor is a pure political statement -- unrelated to the actual world of CIA in any way). "Red Sparrow" falls somewhere in-between Bond and grittier '60s and '70s spy films. If you're a puritan who hates male and female nudity, then stick with Nickelodeon. And if you're a Russian kleptocrat's lackey who hates the way this film portrays the bankruptcy of modern Russia, then stick with... I don't know... "Battleship Potemkim."Reviewers who give "Red Sparrow" one-star either have an agenda unrelated to film reviewing on their minds, or they don't know what they're talking about. "Red Sparrow" is a worthy entry in the spy movie canon.

kpx-27711 5 months ago

The local Russian pigs are scouring in the night perhaps looking for homosexuals or perhaps looking for some action of their own when they stumble upon an international case of espionage. Thus begins a two-hour long intersection of Russian brutality, sexual manipulation and international scares. The film's main character Jennifer Lawrence is a knock out and outgrows her reputation as a teenage actress. Joel Edgerton is also a break out. He perfectly portrays both a hero and a victim. Watch it.

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