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With the emerging demand of hyperfuel and other resources, Han Solo finds himself in the middle of a heist alongside other criminals, where they meet the likes of Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian in an adventurous situation exposing the criminal underworld.

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3778644/

Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) download

Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) download

Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) download

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Ryota Nakanishi 1 month ago

Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) is a shooting game for Star Wars fans rather than cinematic storytelling. The story line is quite simple but boring. Han Solo meets Chewbacca and Lando to get smuggler business of hyper fuel done. However, they decide not turn it to evil dark side at the end. Alden Ehrenreich's acting is ordinary but it is quite acceptable. Audiences expected there would be some familiar actors in this Disney Star Wars marketing product however I unfortunately could not find Harrison Ford in this film. I remember there was his credit in online data but it had gone. Ron Howard's directing had editorial support from Pietro Scalia. What factor made this product dull and boring? That must be the story, screenplay. Is there any dramatic moment in this film? I think that is when tragedy of Solo and Qi'ra happens at expositional sequence at the beginning. The worst moment is miracle of Solo easily reencountering Qi'ra. This plot defect failed the dramatic dynamics of the entire film and made it extremely boring. I'm sorry, in my mind, true Han Solo is only Harrison Ford. Only Harrison can make this film successful! My rating is 2 out of 10. 1 for Pietro Scalia, and the other for tragedy of Solo and Oi'ra. Anyway, there is a translational gag for this film that Solo in Chinese means Soros the neoliberal demon. Thus, Chinese translation of this film is Han Solo (Han Suoluo). It is a great job to mention in this review.

sclafunk 1 month ago

Before I tee off on this piece of garbage disguised as a Star Wars movie using only cheap cinematic nostalgia magic tricks and sleight of hand, all you really need to know is that this is the "Greedo shot first", version of Han Solo. The completely unbelievable version of a ruthless smuggler who owes the whole galaxy money and lives on the run. Nah, this is cutesy pretty boy Han, who's weakness would be savagely taken adavantage of among the space scum in that line of work. Point being; right off the bat, the character doesn't fit who he would need to be to believably live on the run breaking the law. So, now the fun part. You can always tell it's a Disney bot/click farm when they start the review with something like "i didn't like the last one, but...." or "don't listen to The haters" "my opinion is worth more than anyone Bc I'm 13 years old and have never lived my life without a constant stream of dopamine release from internet likes.". Matter of fact, it would be even worse if it wasn't bots working to keep the average score above 7. If these people are just average humans reviewing the movie, why do they care what other people think? It's almost as if it's really about not only feeling part of some arbitrary greater collective, but being the most loyal media slave. They need others to like the movie so they can know what to like; Actively fighting to deny Disney doing this for any other Reason beyond hi jacking & inserting subversive but subtle mind control into the most popular fictional franchise of all time. These people are clinging to a last shred of self dishonesty Bc they don't want their number one method of escapism taken away from them: leaving them only with the uncomfortable truth of which they've spent their whole lives sanding the edges down, if not running full speed away from it. All whilst being encouraged to do so subtlety underneath the surface of the 4-6 hours of tv watching daily. Throw phones into the equation and the average lemming is in front of a screen for 8-10 hours a day, happily and gullibly following the one directly in front of them off the proverbial cliff. When u start the review with not liking another movie, it's makes it sound real, ya kno? Like no one can watch this movie and actually dislike it, it has to be an attitude of disdain toward Disney that does it, or being a "hater". It's as if Thyre not lemmings who think they have to like something To be relevant in this culture of escapism and franchises that have risen above criticism. Well I'll take it to the opposite side, I thought both the new trilogy episodes were awful(TFA especially, watch it after the buzz of it being a new continuation to the orbital story wears off if you haven't, and there's zero redeeming value to it) but really enjoyed "Rogue One". I was robbed of so many of my passions when Disney bought everything from Marvel comic books to Vice news(go ahead and google it, u didn't know they Owned the propaganda for hipsters mill), with the only intention of wringing them dry of every cent, until every piece of power is stripped from the storytelling and we can't stand to even hear the words Skywalker or superhero without becoming nauseous. When u own the full spectrum of media consumption (ESPN, abc, A&E, soon to be FOX, Pixar, marvel, Star Wars, I can keep going but I wont)it's about something far more sinister than simply financial gains. Club 33 y'all. Shhhhhhh! Anyone find the classic hidden weird subliminal messaging designed to wear down a child's moral compass and initiate them, unbeknownst, into an occult state of being? Back to the point ar hand. Steer clear of this garbage. Beyond the inconvenience of remembering the real Han thru out the flick and how terribly off The guy who plays this "I didn't shoot first" version of solo is; he's also an absolutely horrendous actor. The only redeeming quality of this movie is Emilia being super easy on the eyes with her beauty. Boba fett is the next character to be systematically decimated by the Disney machine. At least rent this or DL it so that Disney doesn't get their cut of the ticket prices.....there's an attempt at a story in here somewhere under the cheap nostalgia triggering cinematic tricks in between lowest common denominator WAY over CGI'd space chases and laser fights that trick your subconscious into believing you're watching a Star Wars flick. This movie could've literally been 45 mins long but somehow got stretched to 2.5 hours. Anyone looking for an actual well told solo origin story should turn to AC Crispin's Han Solo trilogy of novels from the late 90s, far superior; way more enjoyable and believably character driven, and Ron Howard doesn't over milk every emotional sentence, thank God!!!

alexsreleases 1 month ago

Solo was a bore. Uninteresting characters, terrible representations of Han and the Star Wars universe, dull everything. I just wish it was better, wouldn't that be great to finally have a good SW movie again?This movie is pure product with no imagination. It comes across as existing solely to make money for Disney; I mean way more than the average movie is made to make money. I feel like no one involved at any level in this production had passion for the project or cared about anything other than, "This better make money". Well, it didn't.

poopville 1 month ago

So I am of the generation who got to experience Star Wars feom the beginning. Standing in a crazy ling line, literally wrapped around the local theater back in 1977 as a kid. Totally unaware I was about to see a movie that would become my central interest for all my childhood, early teens and once again as an adult. And all these years later, able to share this fandom with my own son. I liked Solo. I wouldn't say it's my favorite but it was a fun ride and it evoked the feelings that I associate with Stat Wars. The world and characters felt right. It showed us some cool new things about life in that world, living under the Empire. The amazing cityscapes of Corellia... It felt similar to me to Rogue One. Modern filmmaking techniques yet convincingly evoking the vibes of the classic Star Wars world. Anyway, I just wanted to put in some positive review for this movie to contrast this strange wave of hate feom "fans" on here. I don't really understand it. I have liked something about every Star Wars movie there has been. Some are better than others. There are weaker moments in every one to be sure. But none are worth the irrational seeming hate some people are putting out there. Solo is good and worth your time if you like Star Wars. Just one fan's opinion.

CANpatbuck3664 1 month ago

Solo: A Star Wars Story boasts one of the more inventive plots I've seen lately. They play with Han's story and aren't afraid to take it some unexpected directions (at least for those just familiar with the movies and haven't researched to extended continuity of the franchise). One of the small problems I had with Solo was while the movie does have some intriguing ideas and exciting sequences, they reside in the middle of the movie. The bookends of this movie (beginning and end) are the weakest with all the best stuff in middle hour and a half. This isn't a major flaw, but I had to be patient for it to get going and the finale felt a little rushed.After the news of Alden Ehrenreich needing some extra help to get the character of Han Solo, I wasn't sure he could capably perform in the lead. He caught me completely off guard, he was great as Han Solo. He's not Harrison Ford (and no one could have matched him as Han), but he has the charisma, the toughness and the comic timing and I think he pulled it off. He bounces off Joonas Suotamo (who plays Chewbacca) well and I thought he also had good chemistry with Emilia Clarke who played his love interest Qi'ra. Clarke did well, her performance as Daenerys is still better but this was a step in the right direction. She's had trouble getting off the ground when it comes to acting in movies and this will hopefully be that stepping stone for her. Donald Glover does a fine Lando impression, there was a lot of praise for his version of this character and I largely share those sentiments. Woody Harrelson is solid as Beckett, he's appropriately slimy but he invites you in enough that you want to believe in him. Thandie Newton is good for the limited time we get to spend with her. I also liked Paul Bettany, but he was kneecapped by his character.I would put this in the heist movie genre but there are a couple of big action set pieces. Despite the troubled production, they were actually pretty great. Between the fight on the train and the escape/heist from the spice mining planet are both excellent. I didn't have a problem with the ending fight for the action choreography and even that bit had its moments. They pack the thrills and there were some unexpected outcomes for that little extra payoff. If anything, Solo proves you don't have to have a lightsabre duel to keep audiences on the edge of their seat.My problems with Solo: A Star Wars Story boil down to 2 things. The first is that Bettany's character of Dryden Vos is a weak villain and although the ending boasts a couple of unique twists, its undercut by the lack of a real threat. Bettany's a great actor and they gave him a decent backstory, but a surprise betrayal comes in the 3rd act and instead of getting 2 sinister threats, we end up with none. The second is that Solo feels somewhat clunky or as if the movie is being too obvious when it brings in iconic items for Han or connects to the larger Star Wars universe. Solo works best when it operates as its own story, the seams only start to show when you really examine how it fits in the original timeline or when characters from other movies cameo.I expected very little from this movie. I already mentioned all the bad press the movie got and while I went into this movie open-minded, the negativity surrounding Solo did lower my expectations accordingly. While it's far from perfect, I had a lot of fun with this movie. Between the taught pace, the solid acting from the cast and the infectiously happy vibe the movie boasts, I was swept up in it. It doesn't nail every aspect, but it gets far more right than it doesn't and I'm not going to drop it down to a 4 or a 5 because of some nitpicks. My actual rating for Solo: A Star Wars Story is somewhere between an 8-9/10 but I'll go with an 8/10 to be safe.

cultfilmfreaksdotcom 1 month ago

On an endless, meandering, dizzy and complicated, uninteresting cycle, one scene follows the next with zero substance or flow along the way. It feels like starting from the proverbial ceiling and dropping to the floor, again and again: New rooms, new ceilings, new floors... But no doors: An adventure needs to move across, horizontal, sideways, and throughout its foundation. SOLO is a tortuous, unending pogo stick. A hangover without drinking.How Alden Ehrenreich was cast in the first place is unbelievable. Reportedly, it was from a big critical splash (that no average moviegoer even knew about) as a result of the Coen Brothers' HAIL, CAESAR where he played a bad actor trying to fit into what's supposed to be a great film: A limited performer in way over-his-head. Talk about Life Imitating Art. But the poor kid didn't have a chance, nor would even a great actor who actually resembled Harrison Ford and/or channeled him correctly. The SOLO: A STAR WAYS STORY screenplay is almost entirely to blame...Lawrence Kasdan, who scripted George Lucas's stories for EMPIRE, RETURN and RAIDERS, and his son, Jonathan, had no idea what type of fantasy they were creating. Part Space Pirate, part Buddy Picture, part Action/Adventure, part Comedy, Part Western, Part Chase: all enveloped into a preachy melodrama involving the slave labor of children, teenage girls, and even robots (Set Your Blenders Free!)...The Kasdans had no vision. Instead, they only seemed to "Have a dream." But that kind of force-fed melodrama is, at this point, tiresome, cliché. In SOLO, the message kicks the viewer in the face and doesn't let up.As for the box office, SOLO bombed on the opening weekend, which means audiences didn't care. And it continued (and still continues) to plummet: most likely due to people hearing bad news about what they already figured, feared, or expected. And this is terrible news for Disney. Their planned Boba Fett and Obi Wan prequels are now under a looming shadow: plus the fact George Lucas already covered those particular backstories in his rightfully maligned prequels...And in this case, hardcore fans, and even mainstream audiences, didn't need a reason for Han Solo to be anything but the character he was in the Original Trilogy where Harrison Ford's performance felt both effortless and driven, leaving no time to reflect upon a life that led to a position of needing to move forward beyond what he was hired for i.e. what he does is who he is...And while the significance of Han, Chewbacca and the Millennium Falcon obviously stretches beyond giving the young hero a ride to rescue a princess, they still exist to fill-in the "now" while Mark Hamill's often-thankless Luke Skywalker (along with Obi Wan and Leia) are left to suffer through the how's and where's, and especially the whys. What Harrison Ford brought to the character was a pointed, focused, glib and mischievous persona that is still involving, addictive, and timeless. Basically, SOLO: A STAR WAR STORY attempts (badly) to provide answers that the legendary Rebel's Rebel didn't need, or ask for. Bottom line: Han Solo never looked back... So why should we?

José Luis Meseguer 1 month ago

I'm a big Star Wars fan (watched Empire Strikes Back in the cinema when I was 8 years old) and I loved this movie. With Empire Strikes Back and Rogue One, my favorite in the series.As for the movie itself, my opinion is that it's a solid adventure movie, in the style of the great Indiana Jones movies, with lots of fun and intense action, witty dialogues, great humor and solid acting from all actors. Yes, Han must meet a certain Wookie, obtain a certain spaceship and meet a certain curly hair character to maintain coherence with past movies, but the "necessary" scenes, even if expected are still brilliantly developed. On top of these scenes, there are several surprising scenes that run the gamut of the best of what the Star Wars universe offers: chases, spacecraft battles, shootouts, aliens galore and lots lots of anti laws of physics split-second solutions.Still, my favorite take from this movie is that they finally managed to shoot an amazing movie that is far from the epic good-evil battles of previous Star Wars movies, and this is completely in tune with the Han Solo character (and, btw, I think Alden Ehrenreich is a perfect match for the role).In summary, if you think the movie is "unnecessary" and not needed, it will indeed disappoint you and I would advice you not to watch it, but if you go to watch it with a no-expectations open mind, I think you'll be greatly pleased and much entertained.(and my excuses for any English mistakes; my mother tongue is Spanish)

djmcghee-69855 1 month ago

As expected, the film has been met with huge criticism, which in my opinion is wholly unjust and just another opportunity for so called 'star wars' fans to voice their disapproval for Disney. Solo is not the biggest and boldest SW feature by any stretch, but it is true to the original trilogy material without resorting to overly complicated plots, ropey CGI effects and forced comedy. It provides action , excitement, great dialogue, romance and a vast array of alien creatures (that were lacking in Rogue 1) and genuinely feels like a SW film, albeit with an interesting western inspired spin. Its Star Wars with everything we love about the saga. If you hate it.. perhaps its time you realised you might not be a SW fan after all.

trevir-50147 1 month ago

Finally went to see Solo in his first...solo. I had reservations going in (1) I had heard ticket sales were sub par. (2) I questioned the casting of the lead role (we'll get to that later). I tried to keep an open mind to let the film stand on its own merit. It was a pretty solid summer sci-fi action film that had some laughs with some likeable characters that reasonably fits in the Star Wars mythology. The movie was predictable in the sense that it's a prequel and many points of story progression are predetermined. That being said, these points are woven into a story that flowed well that I actually had fun watching. This movie is a solid 7. My biggest reservation was and is Alden Ehrenreich. His depiction of Han Solo is not terrible but is rather dry and lacks the charm and wit of his predecessor Harrison Ford. We can't help but make that comparison and those are tough shoes to fill. I was admittedly jaded going in as there is a Star Wars fan film on YouTube called Han Solo: A Smuggler's Trade where the actor is the personification of a young Harrison Ford. He captures all the nuances and mannerisms of Han Solo and his depiction is on point. If there are any sequels to this prequel, maybe Ehrenreich can grow into the role and own it.

lastjosh 1 month ago

For anyone who feels discouraged by the reviews, I tell you this: They're not complaining about the movie, they're complaining because they feel abused by a continous stream of movies from a beloved franchise. It seems ironic, I know, but having nothing for so long and suddenly watching different posters every six months, has to be confusing and bound to raise some eyebrows. However, we have to look at it as objectively and simple as possible: If you love movies, you want to watch as many movies as you can. And if you love Star Wars, you love to experience the Star Wars' story! So all of this backlash for having so much of the thing you love is simply a tantrum that I hate to see on so many of my fellow Star Wars' fans.This a very well made film that anyone can enjoy. Plot, acting, FX, Photography, Cast, etc. They did a great job with everything. Taking into account the enourmous pressure of making a film from such a historical franchise, I take my hat off for anyone who has the bravery to do this.So, go and watch it, not with skepticisim, but with that natural feeling of curiousity and love you have every time you sit at the movie theater. I promise, you'll be pleased.

vandykeu 1 month ago

I liked Solo.... much more than I anticipated I would. Like many people posting reviews, I am an old-school, die-hard fan of the original trilogy, and I am also a fan of the old "extended universe", much of which is now being overshadowed by the cash-grab that is this new Disney-driven galaxy.However, I must say that the negativity this film has received is undeserved. The story is solid, if a bit predictable at times. The dialogue and acting are FAR better than in any of the other recent Star Wars films, except perhaps Rogue One. Notably in comparison to Last Jedi, the story has a logical flow, there are no side-stories that make no sense, nor any ham-handed attempts to milk humor out of an unrealistic scene. I can't say it enough, this movie actually makes sense and has a believable story.If there is a problem, it is that Star Wars is becoming another Marvel Universe, where everything has already been done in one way or another. For non-star wars fans, this will be a perfectly serviceable action/sci-fi adventure, with characters whose struggles most people should recognize from other stories in these genres. I was pleasantly surprised at how some characters were killed- it actually made me worry that anyone could be in danger, even knowing that this was impossible. It was emotionally real.For Star Wars fans, there are heaps of references to the extended universe. These were done in a way that made sense and gave service to old Star Wars stories. Teras Kasi, Aurra Sing, Chewy being ~200 years old, among others. There are glimpses at what the every day life of an average citizen in the empire would experience (spoiler: not nice). Han as a character is played true to form: a guy who has seen some bad things, done some bad things, but still, deep down, is good.I liked it. Don't listen to the fanatical homers whose own self-absorption with Star Wars prevents them from enjoying anything that doesn't conform to their pre-determined view.

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