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A police detective in the asteroid belt| the first officer of an interplanetary ice freighter and an earth-bound United Nations executive slowly discover a vastconspiracy that threatens the Earth's rebellious colony on the asteroid belt.


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Day: 2018-05-17

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n***** We all miss you. Come back soon.

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anonymous 5 months ago

Good shows like this get canceled meanwhile worthless dribble like the Kardarhsians gets renewed year after year...  What a shame!

anonymous -

ratings determine advert prices I think, enough people watch the Kardashians and it cost very little to make. HBO picking this up would be the dream. I honestly don't think many even know this show exists.

anonymous 5 months ago

Someone will pick up this show again, it's too good.

anonymous 5 months ago

At this rate they could have it fully funded by fans if they turned to crowdfunding. But I'm sure your right, it'll get picked up by someone.

anonymous 5 months ago

Amazon Studios is the most likely candidate. If you have $3 to spare, buy this episode from Amazon tomorrow after they upload it.

anonymous 5 months ago

it's like if they made a Mass Effect movie that wasn't disappointing and awful. Or maybe it's GoT in space? idk. either way it's awesome.

anonymous 5 months ago

Thank you for sharing!

anonymous 5 months ago

For the love of God every American and Canadian better have watched it live before Torrenting #SaveTheExpanse

anonymous 5 months ago

Hey everyone, I'm not usually the guy who is against torrent (I torrent a lot) but if you really want The Expanse to get renewed, go buy it on Amazon and check the subreddit r/TheExpanse to save the show!

anonymous 4 months ago


anonymous 5 months ago

In order to save The Expanse, Caz, star of the show has asked everyone to watch live, and then re-watch the dvr within 3 days of the live show, this counts a double rating, and then but it from Amazon Prime and then iTunes.

anonymous 5 months ago

Americans and Canadians (and residents of any other country who can legally access new episodes of The Expanse before Netflix international users do) - please watch this legally on live/DVR/stream before torrenting! Any hopes for renewal are up to you!

anonymous 1 month ago

thank you

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