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marta viana 4 months ago

When I walked into the cinema, I was already certain that it was going to be bad based on the ratings here on IMDB. What I wasn't expecting was it to be so bad that it was more of a comedy than an actual horror movie. The whole room was laughing at the "death scenes" and strange facial distortions on the characters... When you see what looks like a Snapchat filter on the characters' faces, you start wondering if the budget was so low that they didn't have better "special effects" to make it more realistic and not so ridiculous. The plot is bad, the acting is bad, predictable jumpscares... You can pretty much tell the exact moment when you are supposed to get scared (only you don't). All in all, avoid this movie at all costs. Unless, of course, you are like me and you are too bored and there's nothing else at the theater that you haven't watched yet. The only reason I didn't give this a 1 is because I actually had a bit of fun while laughing at how bad it was. When you think that the "pool vacuum cleaners throwing up after getting wasted" scene on Scary Movie 5 is bad enough to make you want plucking your eyes out, there's always this one. The only thing that could actually make it worse would be also having Lindsay Lohan or Charlie Sheen in the cast.

twmichael 4 months ago

I got crippling depression from the quality of this film. That is all.

Ilikehorrormovies 4 months ago

This is one of the most boring movir experience I've ever been too. Those 1hr and 43min could of been spent on homework then watching this movie. Yet it's so bad that it's actually funny. The whole movie is a promotion of Snapchat obivously. I'll cut to the chase bland story, weak plot, slow pace, and scenes that doesn't relate to the story. Now if you don't mind me, I'm going to watch Clerks 2 (2006) to feel good. 1.3/10

treebeard-44735 4 months ago

The movie did not receive the bad amount of comments or opinions it got from other users. Quite frankly, they are wrong in calling Truth or Dare a bad movie, as it is not meant to be a masterpiece but a fun movie to watch in a rainy day scenario. If you are looking for a movie that you can switch off to and just watch a movie that is mindless entertainment then Truth or Dare is a movie i recommend it if you can look past of the cliche horror tropes. Overall the movie as some decent young actors in it and is a passable horror movie so i suggest giving Truth or Dare a chance.

jwwalrath-227-85487 4 months ago

I'm seeing a lot of bad reviews on this, and I think people are being way too critical. Don't get me wrong, this isn't the next "A Quiet Place" or "It." This is a PG-13 teen horror flick that shows a lot of sexy young adults being killed. It's goal is just to provide mindless, violent entertainment for a couple hours, and it serves its purpose well.I've heard someone compare this to "Final Destination" and that's a pretty apt comparison. The driven force of this movie is some creative kills. The movie also keeps you guessing as to who meets the chopping block. I'm also a found of the weirdly distinctive smile effect the monster uses when it possesses people.I've heard complaints about the script and characters, but I don't see that. I mean there's nothing here to write home to mom about, but I found the script, characters, and acting to be solid.

Sci-FiHorrorFan 4 months ago

Yes I Liked the Film even though most people dont,The Film was actually surprisingly Tense and Thrilling And I like the fact that it took the possession concept and did something different with it so it wasn't your typical possession movie that we see a lot. The movie may start off like a clechie because of the truth or dare games the characters play but the movie later takes a different turn and it becomes a possession movie but done in a unique and interesting way that I've never seen before. That's part of the reason I liked the film because it uses the game of truth or dare and mixes it with possession among other things which made it more interesting and I think the movie deserves some credit for that.I didnt love the movie but I did Like the movie and it deserves a higher score on IMDB in my opinion. I'm not saying the movie is Great but it was Good and it was pretty entertaining and intense most of the time. The characters may not be that good i can admit that but I didn't think they were bad either, I thought The characters were okay and I don't think the acting was bad either like some people have said, I thought The acting was alright, it was pretty much what I expected from this type of movie.Lucy Hale was probably the Best Actress out of the bunch and i liked her character she was definitely the most likeable out of the group regardless of her secret.what she did in the past was wrong but it's not like she broke any laws, and the man was more to blame than she was and what he did was Worse. I won't say who he is or what they did because I don't want to spoil it but Lucy's character seemed more inoccent than guilty in my opinion. overall she was an okay character and I didn't mind her at all.could there be more character development? yes there could but the lack of character development did not bother me that much because if they wasted time on character development the movie would be too long and then people would moan about that too, plus we wouldn't get much time with the truth or dare possession plot either.I thought the idea of being forced to play truth or Dare or you die was Pretty interesting and unique.Yes I have seen the other two movies with the same title truth or dare but I was not a fan of them and yes people play truth or Dare in those movies too but it's done a totally different way in this movie, because if they don't go through with the dare they die and if they don't tell the truth they die and if they refuse to play the game they also die because a supernatural force will kill them.So the only way to survive is to tell the truth or do the dare, and the characters can never trick the demon because he knows everything so he will know if they are lying or telling the truth, and if they don't do the dare the demon will know too.Call me crazy but that's a pretty cool concept of you ask me, a supernatural force that forces you to play the game and it doesn't matter where you run to or where you hide you can Never Escape the game, that's pretty creepy.This movie is like the Truth or Dare version of It Follows which is pretty cool since I like that movie.This movie also deals with a supernatural force that you can not run or hide from. I thought Truth or Dare had good writing and good directing and I found the movie surprisingly entertaining. I liked the use of the creepy sound effects and I also liked how the demon could posses any person that's part of the game and force that person to talk and look creepy, or the demon could could make someone see things that were not really there or it could force a person to see possessed people talking to them telling them to play truth or dare.I thought that was pretty creepy and I've not seen anything quite like this in a movie before.What's even creepier about it is that nobody else can see the things The demon makes the person see, only they can see or hear what it makes them see or hear.if people have watched the trailer then they know what I'm talking about.Overall it was a good movie It was No masterpiece but it did not deserve to get bashed by everyone either. I Liked The Movie Okay and I wouldn't mind Watching it again one day.

davkell 4 months ago

I really was keen on this when I originally saw the trailer, and then had my doubts when the first reviews came in. But it isn't as bad as many are saying it is. Yes, I probably won't ever watch it again, but it certainly kept me interested throughout the entire time. No spoilers, but the ending is certainly worth the watch. It created a bit of discussion on moral dilemmas between me and my 2 sons (16 & 14).

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